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Rotator Manual Override Controls

This video walks you through how to operate the manual override controls on a Miller Industries rotator. 

More Galvanized Options for Car Carriers

We are proud to announce that we now offer a galvanized deck option for both 12-Series and 16-Series steel car carriers.  This new deck option brings a new level of resistance to.....

Rotator Heavy Winching From the Rear

Tom Luciano walks us through the best practices for heavy winching from the rear of a rotator. 

Heavy-Duty DP Winch Brake Rebuild

In this video, our friends at TWG walk us through how to conduct a brake rebuild on a heavy-duty DP Winch.

Heavy-Duty Chain Tie-Down Kit

We are proud to announce the release of our new Heavy-Duty Chain Tie-Down Kit.  This unique grade-70 chain tie-down kit was designed by Miller Industries to pair with the redesigned dual-hole fork holders.  This video covers the best practices when using this tie-down kit with the dual-hole fork holders.
Our company has always been able to depend on trucks built by Miller Industries.  From the Vulcan Wrecker series, to the Century Flat Bed series, the production quality and sheer volume of features included with each purchase has helped make a generally difficult job into a more manageable one.  Thank you to Miller Industries for designing, building and standing behind the equipment that is the backbone to our industry.
Miller Industries has been exceptional to work with. We have two tandem-steer and a single-steer 75-Ton rotators, along with four 9055’s, two 3212’s, and numerous other Miller products. Their customer service is second to nobody. Thanks again for such a great product!
I have been buying wreckers from Miller Industries since 1986. I currently own roughly 25 pieces of Miller Industries product. What I really like about Miller Industries is that they stand behind their product and our factory rep answers any questions I have very quickly. I love my Century® wreckers, and it was easy working with Miller Industries to make them just the way I wanted it. The people at Miller Industries will help design equipment that is best for your needs. The people at Miller Industries listen to the operator and end user to help design their product. I have owned two Century® 75-ton rotators and love them. The team at Miller Industries really knows how to make a quality product, and I feel confident they will be ready to help me in the future.
We would say that Miller Industries takes care of their customers and goes out of their way to ensure that we are happy.  When we had a fire at our business and lost several tow trucks of all sizes, Miller was there to help us get the trucks and other equipment replaced as fast as possible.  Knowing the team at Miller really cares makes all the difference and is why we choose Miller equipment.