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Holmes DTU

Lift Retracted
35,000 lbs.
Lift Extended
16,000 lbs.
Tow Rating
80,000 lbs.

Holmes DTU Gallery

The Holmes DTU (Detachable Towing Unit) has been re-designed to decrease rear overhang, increase front axle weight, and offer better towability. With repositioned lift cylinders, the DTU also provides superior underlift height and further improved center of gravity and weight transfer.

The unit comes standard with a 20,000 lb planetary winch, 175’ of 9/16” wire rope and front legs that allow the unit to be easily removed in a matter of minutes so your truck can be multi-functional for both towing and pulling trailers. The DTU is designed to secure to your truck using a front lock-down bracket and your Fifth Wheel Plate. The power for the unit is provided by an optional wet line kit, with quick connect couplers, which is installed on your truck. Other popular options include a 25,000 lb planetary winch, tool boxes and lanyard controls; all of which are available from your local Holmes distributor.



  • Low Profile Fabricated Cross Bar
  • Front Stands
  • Fork Storage Holders
  • Air & Electrical Lines
  • Safety Chains
  • Passenger Side Control
  • Hook End Caps
  • 5 Sets of Frame Forks
  • 20,000 lb Planetary Winch 9/16” x 175’ IWRC Cable (Winch Options Include: Air Tensioners, Air Free Spool, 360° Sheave Heads)


  • 25,000 lb Planetary Winch - 5/8” x 200’ IWRC Cable
  • Aluminum Toolboxes
  • Wet Line Kit (PTO w/Pressure Relief Valve,  Pump, 15 Gallon Hydraulic Tank, Return Filter, Quick Disconnect, Fittings & Hoses)
  • Hand Held Remote Control 6-Function Controller w/25’ Cord
  • 5 or 9 Switch Panel
  • Wireless Remote Contol
  • Tow Bar Lights (wired or wireless)
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Tool Compartment
  • Work Area Lighting
  • Additional Front Lock Down Kit (for setting up second tractor)
  • Bus Lift & Bus Lift Storage System
  • Additional Lift Forks & Towing Attachments


Lift Capacity Retracted 35,000 lbs.
Lift Capacity Extended 16,000 lbs.
Reach Past Tailboard Fully Extended 113 inches
Reach Past Tailboard Fully Retracted 51 inches
Power Tilt Arc 20°
Shipping Weight 6,200 lbs.

Chassis Recommendations

Minimum Wheelbase 250”
Minimum Clearance from Front of DTU to Center of Trunnion 84”
R.B.M. 2,130,000 in/lbs.