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Vulcan 804

Boom Capacity
8,000 lbs.
Winch Rating
8,000 lbs.
Tow Rating
7,500 lbs.

Vulcan's 804 provides the power and performance for light duty towing at a very affordable price.  The integrated boom and wheel lift is designed to save weight, thus allowing you the potential for increased legal payload without overloading the chassis. 

Reliability in your towing equipment is also essential in today's competitive marketplace and the Vulcan 804 is built to meet that challenge with the same quality found in all Vulcan products. The 804 is one of the easiest and safest units to tow with today using Vulcan's patented strapless wheel lift system.  The retainers pivot horizontally as well as vertically for easy hookups in a wide variety of situations.  The best part is there are no tiedown straps.  Call your local Vulcan distributor to find out how the Vulcan 804 can fill your towing needs without overloading your budget.



  • Vulcan's Patented 4,000 lb Wheel Retainers
  • Adjustable Width Modular Body, 88” or 94”
  • 60” Cab-to-Axle Steel Body
  • Driver & Passenger Side Controls
  • Tailboard Safety Chain Pockets
  • Safety Chain Pocket Guards
  • Wheel Lift Safety Chains - 5/16, Grade 70
  • Wheel Retainer Storage Pockets
  • Driver & Passenger Side Tool Compartments
  • 8,000 lb Winch with 100’ of 3/8” Cable
  • Winch Free Spool and Cable Tensioner
  • Mud Flaps
  • Federal Standard 108 Lighting


  • 60” C.A. Aluminum Modular Body
  • 60” C.A. Composite Modular Body (94” Wide Only)
  • Light Pylon
  • Aluminum Tubular Light Pylon
  • 24” Tunnel Tool Box
  • Sling Attachment
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Dress Up Packages
  • Additional Lighting
  • PTO
  • Wheel Simulators



Recovery Boom (at boom end swivel) 8,000 lbs.
Winch 8,000 lbs.
Cable 3/8” x 100’


Tow Rating 7,500 lbs.
Lift Capacity 4,000 lbs.
Tilt Angles +12° / -15°
Maximum Reach 61”

Chassis Recommendations

Minimum Cab to Axle 60”
Maximum Cab to Axle 84”
Suggested GVWR 11,500 lbs. – 15,500 lbs.