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SP 850-XP

All recovery operators have experienced the problems of having traffic backed up with a casualty down in a ravine and the law enforcement not wanting to block lanes of traffic. The SP 850-XP option can solve these types of situations with a pivoting hydraulic stiff-leg to handle tough side pull recoveries and eliminate the need to block more lanes of traffic than necessary.


SP 850-XP Recovery Unit

The SP 850-XP is available with the Century 7035 or the Century 9055. The SP 850-XP's standard features are identical when ordering with either model. Consult the Century Heavy-Duty Integrated brochure for specifications on the "7035 and 9055".


  • (2) 35,000 lb 2 Speed Planetary Winches
  • Air Free Spool (1 per winch)
  • Air Tensioner (1 per winch)
  • Directional Sheave Head (1 per leg)
  • Recovery D-Ring (1 per leg)

  • Rear Stabilizers with Horizontal Extension
  • Side Pull Stabilizer (For conventional rear jacks)
  • SP Leg Spade Attachment
  • Recovery Lights
  • Additional D-Rings


Chassis Recommendations

Contacting the factory is highly recommended when making a chassis with the various XP models.  A minimum of 204” CT is required, with a 14,600 lb front axle and a tandem 40,000 lb rear axle. A front axle of 18,000 lb to 20,000 lb along with tri-axles is highly recommended.  All specifications are subject to change without notice.