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Titan Crane-Boom Stake Bed

Crane Boom
Fassi® F335
Platform Length
25’ Reinforced

The stake bed features a 30,000 lbs. capacity with Fassi F335 crane or equivelent and a hydraulically powered rear hitch with the ability to tilt up, down, extend, retract, and pivot. The Titan stake bed with the crane boom and hitch are ideal for lifting and pulling a variety of pieces of popular rental industry equipment.



FASSI® F335 Crane 8,520 lbs. @ 26’8” 20,944 lbs. @ 10’


Reinforced Bed 30,000 lbs. 25’
Bed Material Apitong Wood Floor
Tie-Downs Locations 46 Available

Hydraulic Rear Hitch

Lift Capacity 6,000 lbs.
Tow Capacity 20,000 lbs.
Range of Motion Extendable, Vertical Tilt, Horizontal Pivot