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The Right Approach™ and Extreme Angle

Over the past decade we have experienced an increase in the number of vehicles with lower ground clearances as the auto manufactures have tried to increase aerodynamics for greater fuel efficiency and better road handling. Miller Industries has again taken the leadership role in the industry with the introduction of The Right Approach™ and Extreme Angle. 

The Right Approach™ and Exreme Angle options allow the operator to lower the approach angle to 6°, making the use of ramps or wood planks obsolete. These features are another example of Century's commitment to provide you with the best in quality, innovative equipment to help you insure fast, efficient and safe towing and loading of vehicles.


About the Right Approach™ Option

The Right Approach™ and Extreme Angle options available on 10-Series and 12-series steel carriers eliminates the need for wood planks or ramps when loading and unloading low clearance vehicles.  The release handle allows the rear hinged deck section to be lowered to a 6° load angle.  A cable guide is inserted in the deck to keep the cable low while winching the vehicle onto the rear deck.

After the vehicles front wheels are on the carrier, the deck can be leveled out and the cable guide removed allowing the vehicle to overcome the second clearance problem with the forward section of the deck.  With the front wheels on the front section of the deck the process can be repeated again to eliminate clearance problems such as low exhaust or extended rear overhang.

The articluating deck option provides you with the versatility of having a straight carrier deck with the added benefit of an angled approach plate only when you need it for exotic or low clearance vehicles. This option is available on 10 and 12 Series Carriers with solid side rails and the removable aluminum blade rails.