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4 Car Carrier

Deck Capacity
20,000 lbs.
Deck Lengths
28’ – 30’
(2) 8,000 lbs.

At Miller, we design carriers to help maximize your profit without compromising strength or safety. Our 4 Car Carrier is no exception. By helping to maximize your equipment's payload per mile you can keep the excalating costs of business minimal.

The proven 20,000 lbs. heavy-duty aluminum 3 and 4-car carrier decks combine an independent wheel lift and an over-the-cab deck for the perfect package in multi-vehicle hauling. Miller Industries' blend of our trusted heavy-duty carrier bed and expertly engineered multi-vehicle design will be a profitable addition to your fleet.



  • 102” Wide Aluminum Body
  • High Tensile Double Box 4” Extruded Floor System
  • Heavy Duty Extruded Sill w/Integral Full Length Wear Strips (Top & Bottom)
  • Extruded Double-Box Sides
  • Full Length Subframe
  • 12 Chain Locks
  • Fully Hydraulic Wheel Lift
  • Drop-In L-arms
  • Bed Anti-tilt Lockout
  • Inboard Tilt Cylinders
  • 4 Light Tail Light Housing
  • Illuminated Dual Controls
  • 8 Side Body Marker Lights (4 per side)
  • Mudflaps & Backup Alarm
  • Federal Standard LED 108 Lighting
  • Tow Light Plug
  • Lubrication Fittings on All Pivot Points
  • (2) 8,000 lb. Worm Gear Deck Winches with Tensioners
  • 8,000 lb. Planetary Winch for Cab Carrier
  • Air Free Spool on ll Winches (Drivers Side)
  • 4 Safety Chains


  • Additional Chain Locks
  • 24 GPM Direct Mount Pump
  • PTO
  • Retractable Ladder
  • Various Toolbox Options
  • Factory Installation
  • Pivoting L-arms
  • AutoGrip™ II Wheel Lift
  • Galvanized Subframe
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Passenger Side Air Free Spool
  • Work Lights
  • Switch Panel
  • Magnetic Tow Lights
  • J-Hook Chains
  • Front Hook-Up Chains
  • Trailer Ball Plate
  • Pintle Hitch Attachment

Note: Some option selections may not be compatible in all configurations.


Body Width 97” Inner Deck – 102” Outer Deck
Body Extension 120”
Platform Length 28', 29', 30'
Body Rating 20,000 lbs. Evenly Distributed
Wheel Lift Rating 4,000 lbs. Extended
Cab Carrier Rating 5,000 lbs. Evently Distributed

Chassis Recommendations

Recommended GVWR 33,000 lbs.
Accessible PTO Opening
Maximum Frame Height 42'
Minimum Frame Height 36"
Usable C.A. with Cab Carrier 28’ 202” - 206"
Usable C.A. with Cab Carrier 29’ 212”
Usable C.A. with Cab Carrier 30’ 218”
Minimum Frame RBM—Each Rail 28’ 1,800,000 in-lbs.
Minimum Frame RBM—Each Rail 29’ 2,100,000 in-lbs.
Minimum Frame RBM—Each Rail 30’ 2,100,000 in-lbs.

Miller 4-car carriers should be mounted on chassis with low profile cabs and a minimum FAWR 12,000 lbs. for the cab carrier.

Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. reserve the right to improve or upgrade products without obligation. Ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities. Specifications shown are approximations and may very depending on chassis selected. Some equipment shown is optional.