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Investor Relations

Miller Industries is The World's Largest Manufacturer of Towing and Recovery Equipment®, and markets its towing and recovery equipment under a number of well-recognized brands, including Century®, Vulcan®, Chevron™, Holmes®, Challenger®, Champion®, Jige™, Boniface™, Titan® and Eagle®.

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Governance Documents


  1. Audit Committee Charter

  2. Compensation Committee Charter

  3. Governance & Sustainability Committee Charter

Other Documents

  1. 2023 Non-Employee Director Stock Plan

  2. Amended and Restated Code of Conduct

  3. Change in Control Severance Plan

  4. Corporate Governance Guidelines

  5. Form 8-K 2023 Proxy Results

  6. Form 8-K Filed on 05-31-2023

  7. Form SD (Conflict Minerals Report)

  8. Fourth Amended and Restated Bylaws

  9. Indemnification Agreement

  10. Supplier Code of Conduct

  11. Whistleblower Procedures