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Century M100

100-Ton Heavy Duty Rolling Rotator

200,000 lbs.
Max Hook Height
Turret Travel Length

Century M100 Photos

The Century M100. The world's largest rotator developed by the world's largest manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment. 

The industry's first heavy-duty unit with exclusive 65,000 lbs. planetary main winches, 30,000 lbs. auxiliary winches, and optional 30,000 lbs. drag winches.

The M100 also has a maximum boom height over 53 feet! The outrigger stance of the M100 is over 25 feet and the turret travel length is over 12 feet. This brings the total work area for the M100 to 8,333 sq.ft.

The Century M100 also features our patented Raptor Control* System standard which includes wrecker controls extendible away from the vehicle to enhance operator sightlines during use, and an information screen with load sensing functions.

* USPN 9440577, D751,963 S and D752,492 S


Standard Features

  • 102" Wide Aluminum Modular Body
  • 228" C.B.
  • (2) 65,000 lbs. 2-Speed Winches
  • Raptor® Control* System
  • Large Forward Compartments
  • Compartments Over the Wheel Well
  • Double Panel Doors
  • Door Checks
  • Backlit Chrome Double Action Latches
  • w/Remote Lock/Unlock
  • LED Federal #108 Lighting
  • LED Toolbox Lighting
  • Rubber Fenderettes
  • Mud Flaps
  • Chain Rack
  • Attachment Storage
  • Rubber Isolators
  • Rigid Torsional Resistant Mounting Frame
  • Tailboard Mounted D-Rings
  • Two Rear Outrigger Spade Attachments
  • Rear Air & Electrical Hook-ups
  • Power Elevation
  • 360º Continuous Boom Rotation
  • Proportional 3-Stage Power Boom Extension
  • Hydraulic Reservoir with an Oil Level Sight Gauge, Tank Drain, & Access Panel
  • Holding Valves for Boom Elevation & Extension
  • Nylatron Boom Slide Pads
  • Cable Tensioners
  • Winch Air Free Spool
  • Boom Angle Indicator
  • Rear Mounted 3-Stage H-Beam Outriggers with (300" Stance)
  • Front Mounted 3-Stage H-Beam Outriggers (300" Stance)
  • Air Activated House Lock Secures Boom
  • for Transport (Rear or Forward Position)
  • Air Activated Travel Lock Secures Turret Base for Transport (Forward Position)
  • House Lock Indicator
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • 360º Sheave Heads
  • Dual Raptor Control Stations
  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauges (Driver Side)
  • “D” Rings Mounted On All 3 Boom Stages

* USPN 9440577

Optional Features

  • Custom Front Body Pod
  • 30,000 lbs Drag Winch Driver Side
  • 30,000 lbs. Drag Winch Pass. Side
  • Dual 30,000 lbs. Turret Winches
  • Ultra Heavy-Duty Tow Bar Kit
  • TD3100 Raptor Remote
  • Chain Package
  • Endless Loop Sling Package
  • Alloy Foundry Hooks
  • Alloy Shackles
  • Alloy Snatch Blocks
  • Snatch Block Holders
  • Spreader Bar
  • Dual Rear Cameras & Monitor
  • Air Shift PTO
  • 1 ¼" Handrail Kit
  • Manual Override Control for PTO
  • Light Bar
  • Flasher Kit
  • Flashing Warning Door Light Kit
  • Boom Scene Lights
  • LED Work Lighting
  • Wireless Tow Light Bar
  • Folding Step-Ladder
  • M100 Shackle Adapter
  • (Main, 2nd, 3rd Stage)
  • M100 Ultra Heavy Duty Rigging Kit
  • MatJack High Pressure Kit
  • Rotator Choker and Storage Kit
  • Seamless Tool Box Matting
  • M100 Travel Base Cribbing Storage
  • Turret Wing and Light Bracket Kit
  • DuraGlow Kit
  • Custom Sign Board for Boom
  • M100 Stainless Kit
  • Stainless Fenderettes

Raptor™ Control Package

The patented Raptor Control Package* is standard on the Century M100. The operator can easily maneuver through operations at the unit control station, which can be extended away from the vehicle to enhance operator sightlines during use, or on the wireless remote. Joystick controllers operate boom and winch functions and a display screen offers a variety of information including load sensing, free spool and 2-speed operations.

* USPN 9440577, D751,963 S and D752,492 S



Retracted 30° 200,000 lbs.
Extended 30º 28,400 lbs.
Boom Angle 60º
Hydraulic Boom Extension 339"
Max Hook Height 646"

Winch Rating & Wire Rope

Winch Capacity 65,000 lbs.
Winch Type Dual 2-Speed Planetary
Wire Rope Specifications 7/8" dia. x 250'
Wire Rope Type 8x31 CP8

Optional Drag & Auxiliary Winch Ratings

Component 30K - Belly Dual 30K Turret
Winch Capacity 30,000 lbs. Drag Dual 30,000 lbs.
Winch Type Planetary 2-Speed Planetary 2-Speed
CP8 8 x 31 5/8” x 200’ 5/8” x 200’
Air Cable Tensioner Air Air


Extended 17,000 lbs. @ 130 13/16"
Retracted 55,000 lbs. @ 70 7/16"
Tilt Arc
Tow Rating 120,000 lbs.