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Titan ZLA™

Platform Rating
30,000 lbs.
Platform Length

Titan ZLA Photos

The Titan ZLA™ is a 30,000 lbs. rated industrial carrier that can serve as a conventional-style equipment carrier while also having the ability to lay the carrier bed completely flat on the surface.  This ability is thanks to a specially designed hinge located along the front of the bed.  The versatility provided by this feature is incredible, because it allows for loading and unloading of equipment while keeping personnel on the ground throughout.  This helps minimize the risk for injury when loading and securing equipment. 

The ZLA™ features a powerful planetary gear drive system that helps to power through even the toughest mud and gravel during the bed deployment. Other features like the 20,000 lb. rated planetary winch and combination dock stabilizer/extendable tow hitch make the Titan ZLA™ the next generation of industrial carrier.



Reinforced Steel 30,000 lbs. capacity 29’
Planetary Winch 20,000 lbs.
Fully Hydraulically Powered

Chassis Recommendations

Component Bed Length Tandem Rear Axle
Minimum C.B. (Clear) 29' 210"
Minimum C.B. (Clear) 30' 222"