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The Solid Slope Tail Section (SST®) option for Century and Vulcan 10 Series and 12 Series LCG car carriers by Miller Industries reduces load angles by 3.5 degrees. This eliminates the need for ramps or wood planks when loading vehicles with low ground clearance. Available for steel and aluminum decks, SST enhances efficiency and vehicle protection.


About the SST® Option

The Solid Slope Tail (SST®) option, a standout feature of Century and Vulcan 10 series and 12 series LCG car carriers from Miller Industries, offers a transformative solution to the challenge of loading and unloading vehicles with minimal ground clearance. By effectively reducing load angles by 3.5 degrees, the SST option eliminates the requirement for supplementary tools like wood planks or ramps, streamlining the process while safeguarding vehicle undercarriages.

This innovative design enhancement holds significant benefits for carriers, allowing vehicles to be driven onto the carrier without the risk of scraping or damage to their lower portions. This improved load angle not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to safer and more secure vehicle transportation.

A notable advantage of the SST® option is its versatility. It is available for both steel deck and aluminum deck configurations, accommodating the diverse preferences of carriers and ensuring compatibility with different carrier setups. Whether opting for a steel or aluminum deck, carriers can still enjoy the advantage of the reduced load angle and the subsequent elimination of the need for external aids during loading and unloading.

The Solid Slope Tail Section (SST®) option offered by Miller Industries for Century and Vulcan 10 and 12 series LCG car carriers is a game-changing solution. By minimizing load angles by 3.5 degrees, it negates the necessity for wood planks or ramps and caters to various deck preferences, thus enhancing operational efficiency and vehicle safety during transportation.