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Holmes® 600R

Holmes® opens up a whole new dimension in medium-duty towing and recovery with the Holmes® 600R.   A recovery boom with 16 tons of retracted capacity and 6 tons of extended capacity that rotates 220° makes this the most versatile unit yet from the oldest and most trusted name in the industry- Holmes.  The underlift with 89” of reach easily handles towing a wide range of vehicles from passenger cars to city trucks. 

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Rear view of a Holmes 600R medium duty rotator from the rear.
Holmes 600R with boom stowed
Holmes 600R extendable side outriggers
Holmes 600R lifting from the rear
Holmes 600R Rotator lifting from the side
Holmes 600R for base operations rear view
Holmes 600R Rotator has an extendable 2-stage recovery boom
The Holmes 600R medium duty rotator is perfect for vehicle recoveries
The Holmes 600R can be mounted on a variety of chassis.  This is a front view of an International truck chassis
Side view of a Holmes 600R
A view of the Holmes 600R stowed and ready for deployment
The Holmes 600R has been redesigned to incorporate a kneeboom style underlift.
The Holmes 600R is equipped with a 2-stage recovery boom and has an impressive maximum hook height for recovery flexibility.
The Holmes 600R's kneeboom has an impressive horizontal ride height allowing for tow operators to achieve higher ground clearance when towing long wheelbase vehicles such as military and all terrain vehicles.  This image shows the rear view of the Holmes 600R.
The Holmes 600R can be mounted on a variety of truck chassis.  In this image the 600R is mounted on a Kenworth truck chassis.
This image shows the redesigned kneeboom style underlift on the 600R towing a utility truck.