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Century® 806-M

16,000 lb. Boom Capacity
16,000 lb. Tow Rating

This light-duty wrecker features an integrated hydraulic extendable boom and wheel lift system.  With dual boom and wheel lift system control stations, this unit can be operated from both sides.  The 8,000 lb. recovery winch and 16,000 lb.-rated (retracted) boom make this unit ideal for light recoveries.  The 806-M has a tow rating of 16,000 lbs., a 69.5-inch maximum reach, adjustable wheel grids, and independent wheel lift tilt functions, making it an extremely versatile towing unit.  Add the included wheel lift ratchet straps, integrated safety chain pockets, safety chains, and a durable steel body construction, and this unit is ready to tow in the toughest scenarios.

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