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Miller Industries: Military Products

Century® 4024

The Century® 4024/T2 with over 103” of reach on the underlift is ideally suited to handle a wide variety of vehicles such as motor homes, delivery vans, and city tractors.  This single axle unit, with a 20-ton rated recovery boom and 20,000 lb.-rated recovery winches, creates an incredible value with features only found on larger units.

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Rear view of the century 4024 heavy-duty wrecker from Miller Industries.
Driver's side view of the Century 4024 with recovery arm deployed toward the passenger side.
Driver's side view of the 4024 with the recovery arm at deployed on the drivers side.
Driver's side view of the 4024 offroad
Passenger side view of the 4024 off road
Front view of 4024 towing a 4024
Image of a military truck being towed on the 4024 underlift.
Rear view of the Century 4024 towing another 4024
Image showing completed Century 4024 produced in mass numbers for military deployment.
Rear view image of a Century 4024 in army green in muddy environment.
Side view of a Century 4024 heavy-duty wrecker in army green