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Century® 3212 G2

This could be one of the most versatile units in your fleet.  The second generation Century® 3212 G2 is designed with the capability of towing a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars, vans, city tractors, and buses.  With multi-positional rear jacks, dual 15,000 lb.-rated planetary gear winches, and a 16-ton rated recovery boom, the 3212 G2 is more than just another tow truck.  This unit was designed to handle a wide variety of recovery jobs, including side pulls.  At last, a medium-duty towing and recovery unit with many of the same features found in Century's heavy-duty models.

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In this image we show the Century® 3212 generation 2 medium-duty wrecker.  It is one of the most versatile wreckers for towing of medium frame trucks and service vehicles.
This image shows the rear view of the century 3212 g2 with the boom and underlift stowed.
This image show the 3212's underlift at maximum reach off the tailboard.
This image shows a Century 3212 mounted on a cab-over style truck chassis.
This image shows the driver's side tool boxes.
This image shows the passthrough tunnel box available on the Century 3212.
This is a rear view image of the century 3212 medium-duty wrecker.
Image shows a Century 3212 G2 wrecker mounted on a Mack truck chassis.
A side view image of the century 3212 with tool boxes closed.
Rear view image of a 3212 with low-profile side tool boxes.
Rear image showing the maximum hook height and boom elevation on the Century 3212
Image show the low reach of the recovery boom off of the tailboard of the wrecker.
Side view inside the tool boxes of a Century 3212.
Front view image of a Century 3212 G2 wrecker mounted on a Ford truck chassis.