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Miller Industries: Military Products

Century® 1135

1135-The Century® 1135 is a 35-ton rotator that is designed to be a versatile yet weight-conscious unit for towing and recovery. The 1135 features dual 25,000 lb.-rated  planetary gear two-speed recovery winches and a fabricated two-stage recovery boom standard. It is also available with optional 35,000 lb.-rated recovery winches.  The 1135 rotator provides the operator with 360 degrees of boom rotation (190 degrees in each direction). The 1135 comes with a variety of underlift configuration options that allow for multiple lengths and profiles.  The multiple underlift configurations make the 1135 rotator optimal for towing a wide range of specialized tactical equipment.  Also available on the Century® 1135 as an option is our patented Raptor® Wireless Proportional Controls* which includes wrecker controls extendible away from the vehicle to enhance operator sightlines during use, and an information screen with load sensing functions.

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View of the passenger side of a Century 1135 rotator
A Century 1135 towing an APC from the front
A Century 1135 towing a military APC from the rear
1135 rotator lifting a military APC
A Century 1135 lifting and loading a military APC on the back of a truck bed for transport
A Century 1135 towing a Military ATV in an active war zone
A Century 1135 rotator recovering and lifting a downed CH53 helicopter in a conflict zone
Image shows a convoy of military vehicles, a Century 1135 rotator, and helicopters in a conflict zone
View of the driver's side of a Century 1135 rotator
View of the passenger side of a Century 1135 rotator
Image of the control console on a Century 1135 military rotator
Front view of a Century 1135 towing another 1135 rotator.
Image of a Century 1135 towing an armored military vehicle through rough overgrown terrain and brush.
Image showing the inside of 1135 driver's side toolboxes.
A Century 1135 recovering a military vehicle
A Century 1135 rotator winching a damaged armored military vehicle up a steep inclined hill while conducting a recovery.
A Century 1135 lifting and rotating a heavy armored small military tank 30 degrees off the tailboard and around the rear corner of the wrecker.