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In 1916, Ernest Holmes pioneered a new industry with his first twin-boom wrecker. Holmes has continued that pioneering tradition for more a 100 years with quality and innovation that towers have come to rely on. One of the most popular light-duty units ever built was the Holmes 440, which became a 25-year industry standard for economy and dependability. That reputation lives on with the new Holmes 440-G2, a no-nonsense auto loader designed to tackle your towing needs. An 8,000-pound recovery boom, 8,000-pound winch and an auto load system rated at 4,000 pounds with in-cab controls for quick and easy operation make the 440-G2 ideal for light-duty towing. The carbon-steel modular body features two spacious tool compartments for equipment storage. For a quick, reliable and economical answer to your towing needs, check out the Holmes 440-G2.


60" C.A. Steel Modular Body Manual Winch Free Spool
Adjustable Body Width 88" or 94" Hydraulic Fold
Driver & Passenger Side
     Tool Compartments
2-Stage Design
Toolbox Lighting Safety Chains, 5/16" Grade 70
Wired 10 Function In Cab
      Remote Control
Safety Chains in Rear Pockets
Power Elevation Wheel Lift Ratchets & Straps
Auto Load Wheel Lift System In Cab Wheel Lift & Winch Controls
180° Pivoting Crossbar Junction Box and Wiring Harness
Self Centering Crossbar Mud Flaps
8,000 lb. Planetary Winch Removable Access Cover
       for Hydraulic Filter Service
360° Sheave Head BackUp Alarms
Cable Tie Back Federal Standard 108 Lighting
Cable Tensioner Tire Spacers (Flat Tires)


Recover Boom (at boom end swivel) 8,000 lbs.
     Maximum Lift Angle 21°
Winch (Planetary) 8,000 lbs.
     Cable 3/8" x 100'
Lift Capacity Extended 4,000 lbs.
Tow Rating 7,500 lbs.
Maximum Reach 73"
Optional Power Tilt 30° arc


Minimum Cab to Axle (C.A.) 60"
Maximum Cab to Axle (C.A.) 84"
Minimum GVWR 14,500 lbs.
Maximum Frame Height 34"


Power Tilt Dress Up Packages
Power Tilt with/Adjustable Limiter
      Switches on Elevation
      & Tilt Functions
Emergency Lighting
Steel Light Pylon Dollies & Mounting Options
Aluminum Tubular Light Pylon
Clutch Pump or Pump/PTO
Trailer Hitch Attachment 24" Tunnel Toolbox
Motorcyle Attachment  

All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities. Specifications shown are approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected.  Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. reserves the right to change or modify product and/or specifications without notice or obligation.  Some equipment shown is optional.
Updated 04/2015


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